5 Best Corn Grilling Baskets

One of the best things about summer is fresh sweet corn on the cob. The dry high heat of a grill is perfect for carmelizing the corn’s natural sugars and unlocking the incredible complex flavors. We’ve selected five of the best baskets for grilling corn on the cob.

1. Mr. Bar-B-Q 06077X Non Stick Corn on the Cob Grill Basket

This is the cream of the crop is corn grilling baskets. The Mr. Bar-B-Q corn basket highest quality basket that we reviewed, but that quality makes it substantially more expensive than the competition. The Mr. Bar-B-Q 06077X boasts a premium wooden handle with a carved finger grip for extra stability when moving corn on and off the grill. However, the best feature is the non-stick finish that makes clean up a breeze.

2. Best of Barbecue Stainless Adjustable Corn Grilling Basket

Like most of the corn grill baskets, this one will hold up to four full ears. What makes this basket unique is the locking mechanism on the handle is adjustable to accommodate corn of any thickness. If you live in those parts of the country where monster-size ears of sweet corn grow, this basket has you covered.

3. Camerons Products Corn Grilling Basket – Non-Stick Corn Griller

This is the nicest looking corn grilling basket we reviewed. The Camerons basket comes with a 9-inch rosewood handle to protect your hand from the hot metal while you are grilling. This basket also features non-stick cooking surfaces for easy cleanup.

4. Internet’s Best Corn Grilling Basket

This is a great budget option for a corn grilling basket. It’s not built as solidly as some of the more expensive baskets, but it gets the job done. We love the look of the bamboo handle, although we generally prefer baskets with a synthetic handle material for increased durability.

The manufacturer claims you can grill up to eight ears of corn at a time in this basket, but that will really only work if you are using relatively small ears that you can overlap across each of the four grilling rings.

5. Grilling Traditions Non-Stick Corn Grill Basket

This is the lowest quality corn grilling basket that we reviewed, but its also the cheapest – so that is why we kept it on the list. This basket is not likely to last more than 1 or 2 grilling seasons, but at this rock bottom price, you should get your money’s worth out of it. This would be the perfect basket to buy when you need multiple cheap baskets for something like a large multi-family camping trip. Just realize it’s not comparable in quality to some of the more expensive baskets.

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