Choosing between the Weber Genesis II and Spirit II Three Burner Grills

Making a purchasing decision on a quality can grill be difficult. Weber offers two very highly rated three burner grills. The premium models are in Weber’s Genesis II line of grills. The three burner Genesis II grills are the E-310 and E-315 models. For those looking to save a little money, Weber offers three burner grills in their Spirit II line. The Weber three burner Spirit II models are the E-310 and the Home Depot exclusive S-310.

Cook area difference between Weber Genesis II and Spirit II three burner grills

The Spirit II E-310 has 424 square inches of primary cooking space with an additional 105 square inches available on the warming rack.

The Genesis II E-310 has 513 square inches of primary cooking space and an additional 156 square inches available on the tuck-away warming rack.

Side by side, the Genesis II clearly has the advantage with 669 total square inches of cooking area compared to 529 total square inches available on the Spirit II 529. That makes the Genisis II about 20% larger overall. But in practical terms, what does this mean?

This blog post on the official Weber site says that the Genesis II three burner models will accommodate 12 hamburger patties. We have to assume this means they are grilling the patties, so the cook area provided by the warning rack is excluded. While I couldn’t find a burger patty capacity for the Spirit II, a little math reveals that you can expect to fit about 10 hamburger patties on a three burner Spirit II.

Advantage: Genesis II

Burner differences between Weber Genesis II and Spirit II three burner grills

While both grills offer three burners, there are differences in the design of the burners on the Spirit II and Genesis II models.

The Spirit II uses the stainless steel tubular burner design that you find on many grills today. For the Genesis II line, Weber went the extra mile and completely redesigned the burner to overcome some of the problems that occur with tubular burners.

Tubular design replacement burner for a Genesis II Spirit E-310.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Genesis II burners is the shape. Instead of round tubes, the burner in the Genesis II are more or less rectangular bars. Look a little closer and you will see that the burner bars are actually tapered to the end of their length.

Genesis II tapered grill burner with raised portholes.

This tapering was added to overcome a problem common with many tubular burners – uneven heating from end to end.

Advantage: Genesis II

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