Que Review – Beef Brisket at Smokey Bones in Roanoke, Virginia

BBQ Reviewed: Smoked Beef Brisket
Establishment: Smokey Bones
Location: Roanoke, Virginia
Visit Date: 03/23/2019

Beef brisket at Smokey Bones in Roanoke, Virginia

The beef brisket at Smokey Bones was disappointing. The meat was tender and moist, but it lacked flavor. The rub that had been applied to the brisket was bland and soggy.

Most importantly, there was little to no smoke flavor on the brisket. The lack of any perceptible smoke flavor was somewhat surprising for a place with “smoke” in the name. The only real flavor came from the KC style BBQ sauce that had been spread on top of the brisket.

If this brisket had been served along with gravy and mashed potatoes at a Cracker Barrel, you could have easily convinced me it was just roast beef out of an oven and not smoked brisket.

I’m actually very curious to know how Smokey Bones smokes their brisket. Outside the restaurant, there was no sign of smoke in the air. To me, this is bizarre. Even outside most steakhouses you can smell the steaks being grilled inside from quite a distance away. It’s strange how they are are smoking brisket, wings and pulled pork every day without a hint of smoke outside the restaurant.

If we ever find ourselves at a Smokey Bones again, I will skip the brisket and try the smoked wings. I’ve heard from several different people that their wings are fantastic.

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